5 years old Birthday Pictures

Please click any picture to view, Enjoy!!!

The First Week: I am so small hiding inside my favourite banket, Please check this out and see how small I am. Actually, I am born at 9 lbs 2.8 oz and 21 inches tall. Really big baby since my Mom is only 5'3''.  
  Well, my first month I am pretty big, compared with babies at the same month, I am ahead of them. I am eating now, please do not disturb me.    
    Oh! Coming the second month , I am very very cute, thumbsucking is coming this month too.  
Time is running so fast...  
  This is my third month. Do I look like a teady bear?  

(Right) I start stretching my arms and legs, don't you think I am in a free-style swimming position?

(Left) This is my first smile with my hands holding together. Yeah!

    Woo...Turning to Four months old with a new look. This is my new hair style, my hair stylist is my dad, if you like this style for yourself, please call my dad anytime.    
hey! I want to get out of my bed.    
I am five months old now, and ready to eat solid food. Can you give me some rice cereal with banana, please? mom...
  My toe is so yummy... Wanna to try one?  
    I am six months old now. Oop! Look at that...Can you see it? Mom... where are you? I want to play with you...
At seventh month, Woo! BaBa is holding me over Hwy 1 Bridge at Monterey Bay, I am so excited.
Wanna to see more pictures of me, stay tune, I will ask my mom and dad to take more pictures for me...
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