Host Solution Pros and Cons (Past Experience)



BlueHost is one of the most popular hosting solution. It hosts over 2 millions web sites. It has very good uptime according to hosting facts. It has good security rating and many integration with various app such as Google App, CloudFlare, etc. It is also the official recommended host. So, if you are into wordpress blogging, BlueHost is a safe choice.

BlueHost is big and it comes with big company problem such as relatively slower customer support replies. BlueHost is very popular among web programming starters.




iPage is another popular hosting choices. A lot of people heard about them since iPage used to have a lot of TV ads. If you are a green person, iPage is a good choice since it is considered a green web hosting solution as it uses REC (Renewable Energy Certificates) to offset energy use by 200%. iPage is also known for quick customer response with 24/7 chat support. For non-UI person or programmer, iPage provides excellent control panels ranging from file manager, cloud storage management to WebSite creator.

Most iPage hosted sties are served from the East coast. In actual performance tests, iPage does score relatively lower in speed. But for web programming beginner, you should hardly notice the differences.



Yahoo / Aabaco

Yahoo is what we usually recommend since this very web site is hosting via Yahoo since the 90s. Yahoo is always on the safe side where a stable versions of software (MySQL, Php, etc) are always used. You might get the latest software but you can always count on the fact that the hosted site run super smooth with almost 100% up time.

However, in the beginning of 2016, Yahoo hosting is sold and it is now called Aabaco. We believe most of the Yahoo polices are still in place, but we have to wait and see the long term performance. Aabaco is also a safe choice for beginner.




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